The Site C Dam is an under construction run-of-the-river hydroelectric dam on the so-called Peace River near Fort St. John in northeastern British Columbia. It is Treaty 8 First Nations territory.

The Dam has been broadly opposed from it’s inception by individuals who recognize the longterm harms damming rivers causes to waterways and water habitat, as well as the destruction the dam and reservoir will cause in the so-called ‘Peace River’ valley itself. The area is home to over 60 endangered and at-risk species and is a breeding area for eagles.

In addition to this, the technical advisory board found the stability of the dam is “a significant risk and the hazards associated with the weak foundation have been adequately recognized.” The unstable buildign foundatin for the dam will ultimately mean all those living downstream are at risk from dam collapse.


Project Updates

In October 2020, construction teams removed a 750-llb bald nest eagle, refusing to allow the Ucwalmicw elders to collect eagle feathers – held sacred by many Indigenous Nations.