Local development projects may sometimes seem small-scale, but they have very real local consequences, as well as broad implications in the larger struggles against capitalism, colonialism, racism and climate change.

As well, engaging in resistance locally against projects happening in other places – for example the solidarity actions we’ve seen against the CGL pipeline all across Turtle Island – helps develop webs of resistance and exhibits solidarity that supports those webs.


Oil versus Gas

We refuse to affirm this narrative as accurate.

The reality is we need to choose something else altogether.

The extraction and refining of oil from the tarsands actively kills people and contributes to a long legacy of genocide against indigenous people. As well; the extraction and transportation of natural gas is destructive to the land, water, and any animals – including people – relying on it.

Both oil and gas must be resisted.


Natural Gas: Where it Goes

So-called canada exports approximately 46% of what they extract to the USA. They then import about 25% of that amount back, mostly from the USA.

Of total gas usage, over half (53.5%) is used for industrial purposes like mining, extraction, and refining. One third is used in tarsands extraction alone. About 20.4% is used for commercial properties, 1.5% for agricultural uses, and 0.2% for transportation.

In other words: natural gas extraction is being used to further drive the destructive forces of capitalist industry and interests. Proportionally, very little is used by individual consumers.


Direct Action

In so-called Canada, industrial development projects continue to disregard Indigenous peoples and Nations fighting to retain their lives, cultures, and rights. They continue to destroy the land and water, and put all animals at risk.

Direct action is an intervention meant to bring about immediate and effective relief or change. It has been effectively & successfully used throughout history, and is typically used as one part of an overall strategy.

Pipeline infrastructure, maintenance and construction projects offer unique points for intervention and resistance & have the opportunity to make direct impacts on the corporations and exploitation we aim to collectively resist.

Remember; No matter how an exploitative capitalist venture frames their work, the only authentic way to ensure our own safety against these threats is to stop these projects and mitigate the growth of the oil & gas industry altogether.

By using direct action to resist we are taking the necessary action to protect our communities, this earth and our future.


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