A useful guide for considerations on occupations and worksite disruptions, written by folks engaging in pipeline resistance in southern ontario.

10 Steps for Setting up a Blockade

First off , understand that you CAN do this.For the last 18 months groups as small as 8 have been disrupting and occupying pipeline construction sites all over Turtle Island. It takes even fewer than that to accomplish more clandestine activties which can be equally [or more] disruptive.

The reality is that you’ll take action if you want to see it done, which brings us to the second thing: it’s easy to get caught up in thinking this is about one pipeline but you’d be wrong.Those who work within this struggle understand that the fight against line 9 is one which lives and futures genuinely depend on. They understand that this is about indigenous sovereignty, colonialism and environmental racism. They know that just as much as this is about poisoned water, deforestation and global warming it’s also about class and capitalism. The fight against line 9 – or line 8, line 11 or energy east [or the eastern mainline gas pipeline that will facilitate it] – is a way for those in so-called Ontario to engage against all of these things.