Since at least 2013, anti-pipeline actions and solidarity actions in so-called southern ontario have been ongoing and extensive. They have covered a wide range of intensity, and are worth exploring for inspiration, tips, and reflections.

NEB Disruptions: National Energy Board hearings have been engaged in through intervenors, as well as disrupted with impassioned speeches and drumming. Eventually the NEB stopped having public hearings – at which point some individuals took it upon themselves to attempt to sneak in, crash and disrupt the hearing.

Daytime Bank Actions: There have been daytime rallies both outside and inside banks, as well as disruptions that involved theatre and lockdowns, calling for an end to banks financing the projects.

Nighttime Bank Actions: Banks have been targeted with glued locks, postering and vandalism for the role they play in financing pipeline projects.

Policing & Courts: When individuals uncovered Enbridge’s donations to municipal police forces they created a mini campaign to end the donations/funding, as well as bring attention to the conflict of interest and form public narratives around the policing and criminalization of Indigenous people and their allies. Wet’suwet’en solidarity actions have also included a focus on the RCMP, vandalizing their offices with political messages, damaging locking mechanisms, and the destruction of police vehicles and equipment.

Sabotage: Clandestine direct actions have included un-staking project right of ways, damaging heavy equipment, engaging emergency valves to turn off pipelines and damaging pipes laid out in right of ways.

Targeting Contractors: Both local and solidarity pipeline actions in the area have included targetting contractors for their roles in the project in actions that have included office disruptions to gluing locks to damaging project equipment and leaving political messaging.

Office Disruptions: Pipeline company offices have been consistently targeted for daytime disruptions including sit ins, glitterbombing (External YouTube video link), as well as vandalism.

Work Site Disruptions: There have been a number of one-day worksite disruptions that minimized logistical requirements but maximized impact – in particular when done at essential moments.

Long Term Occupations: Requiring more energy and logistical capacity, there have been two longer term occupations of major pipeline infrastructure sites at mid-construction times.

Worker Disruption: As a section of Enbridge’s line 10 project was being newly constructed, there were several construction sites active at once. When individuals noticed that private cars weren’t on site they deduced workers were being bused in from a central point. By blocking that central spot for one day, they managed to shut down a number of construction projects in one day.

Valve Sites: There have been daytime and nighttime valve shutoffs

Rail Blockades: Rail infrastructure exists all over Turtle Island and has been used to create pressure and publicity in both daytime, nighttime, and extended actions.