Kanienkehaka Language Camp is a Mohawk-led language camp in Tsi Karistisere, or so-called Dundee, QC.

The women of Akwesasne are finally doing what we spoke of doing, taking back our land and our language.

As women, not only the land, but the water is our responsibility. Keeping the language alive for the future generations is also a major responsibility, its a weight that all of our people must carry.

It’s a beautiful thing when our language is based on a description of what we see, hear and feel. So, to be on undisturbed land, living among creation in its natural state is one of most natural ways to learn our language.

As as mother of 5, who is also learning the language, i realized how difficult it is for young mothers to go to a mohawk class, when they are not child friendly.

Which, is why the young women are now creating a safe space where we can learn alongside our children.

The state will no longer dictate our children’s lives; threatening vaccinations, low vibrational foods, forced Christian beliefs, lacking cultural understanding are no longer a part of our childrens lives.

As mothers and fathers we are taking back our rightful place, as our children’s natural instructors