Natural Gas Usage

In so-called canada exports approximately 46% of what they extract to the USA. They then import about 25% of that amount back, mostly from the USA.

Of total gas usage, over half (53.5%) is used for industrial purposes like mining, extraction, and refining. One third is used in tarsands extraction alone. About 20.4% is used for commercial properties, 1.5% for agricultural uses, and 0.2% for transportation.

In other words: natural gas extraction is being used to further drive the destructive forces of capitalist industry and interests. Proportionally, very little is used by individual consumers.


Natural Gas Network

Enbridge Gas

Enbridge is a North American leader in gathering, transportation, processing, and storage of natural gas. Some of the pipelines that are a part of this network include:

  • Maritimes & Northeast Pipeline: Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to the U.S.
  • Union Gas: gas distribution and transmission in Ontario and eastern U.S.
  • West Coast Energy: a pipeline in British Columbia
  • Enbridge Gas Distribution: largest local gas distribution company in Canada
  • Alliance Line (50% owner): British Columbia through Alberta; and Saskatchewan to Chicago
  • Vector Line (60% owner): Chicago to Ontario


TransCanada Pipelines

TransCanada is a leading natural gas pipeline company serving markets in Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, tapping into virtually all natural gas basins in North America. Some of TransCanada’s key pipelines include:

  • Nova Gas Transmission Ltd (NGTL) System: serving Alberta and British Columbia
  • Canadian Mainline: several pipelines in the same corridor from the Alberta/Saskatchewan border to Quebec (city) with several interconnections to the U.S. along the way
  • Foothills: from Alberta to Idaho via British Columbia and from Alberta to Montana via Saskatchewan

ATCO Pipeline

  • Gathering and distribution lines within Alberta

TransGas Ltd.

  • Gathering, transmission and storage facilities in Saskatchewan
  • Owned by SaskEnergy Inc. (provincial distributer)